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Internet Services

For just $50/month, you get superior Internet service with no hidden rates or fees.

No Rental Fees

  • Everything is included in your plan- you won't find any hidden rental fees.

No Installation Fees

  • Technical Magic is already in your building, so there is minimal set-up. That means installation is quick, easy, and costs you nothing!

No Speed or Data Caps

  • We deliver lightning speeds up to a Gigabit symmetrical directly to your door. We're optimized for today's density and high-speed needs. You receive exceptionally high speeds with no data restrictions.

Optimized Service

  • Perfect for working from home, attending online classes, streaming your favorite shows and playing your favorite games.

No Data Tiers

  • We make it simple- one super-fast speed for one super-low price. We don't offer confusing tiers you must navigate and choose from.

No Contracts

  • Life changes quickly. That's why we don't complicate it with contracts that can be confusing and hard to understand.


Call or text (402) 915-3331 or click here to contact us

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